Do you want to create an edible garden, maybe get a few chickens, or perhaps you are just beginning your urban homesteading journey? Have you just started cooking and preserving the harvests? Are you new to real food and living a more natural, sustainable and mindful lifestyle?

Have you been growing, raising, cooking and preserving your own food for yonks? Have you tried so many methods, researched many techniques, and experienced every failure possible? Have you successfully mastered so many skills, and gained so much knowledge that you are busting to share it?

If you have questions, or answers, about:

  • growing and raising food, with less chemicals and more abundance
  • harvesting and preserving that delicious food you grew, or bought from a farmers market
  • cooking with real food from scratch
  • natural homesteading, like DIY green cleaners, and lotions/ potions
  • decluttering your house, or living with less stuff/ making do

Then you are invited to become a member of the Growing Home Community. It’s free, and conveniently hosted in a closed group on Facebook.

You can easily ask questions, share photos, and get in on conversations with people doing the same stuff you are! Encourage and connect, share and laugh, interact and debrief.

Maybe you feel a bit embarrassed asking your questions in a group setting, but everyone had to start somewhere, and we all have questions at some point. Being a member of our community is a great way to get diverse answers from people who have a range of experiences, who know how it feels to be a beginner, or to be stuck with something. We all get the benefit of shared wisdom, and sometimes its just nice to hear someone else is facing the same challenges that you are!

Come find out how welcoming we are…