Let’s go on an adventure…

I’m Bec Pollock, and I can help you and your family to start living the life you want, by teaching you how to grow, raise, cook and preserve. The Dirt to Dinner Membership is going to help you:

  • plan and set up a variety of garden beds and growing areas
  • understand soil, and how to condition it
  • use organic growing methods, including pest/ disease controls
  • grow and harvest an abundance of organic produce, like vegetables, fruit, herbs, eggs
  • get started with keeping chickens, worms and bees
  • cook delicious real food using home grown, home preserved & locally sourced produce
  • get organised in the kitchen, using meal planning & other tricks
  • preserve and store your harvests, using bottling, dehydrating, freezing and lacto-fermenting
  • shop and source locally and ethically produced foods to supplement your garden
  • using your preserves to make cooking more convenient, and cater to dietary restrictions
  • handle challenges and troubleshoot issues

The foundations of this Dirt to Dinner membership will help you gain knowledge, learn skills and then put it all into action.


What exactly do you mean by ‘Dirt to Dinner’?

This is a term I use to describe the process of growing our own organic produce (in the soil, or ‘dirt’) as well as raising our own chickens & bees, and then harvesting our vegetables, fruit, herbs, eggs and honey. We then turn them into delicious family-friendly, allergy-friendly, convenient food (the dinner).

How do I use this membership?

The Dirt to Dinner membership is a set of essential guides that you can read in a time and place that suit you.

Step by Step processes within the guides help you feel confident to get started, and visually walk you through the processes.

The guides also include worksheets, checklists and infographics to download and print to help you make plans, get clarity about what you want to do, and help you keep going. You can also find them all in one place on the Resources Page.

What if I have questions? What if I want to share my experiences?

Join the exclusive Dirt to Dinner Support Group to ask your questions about any Dirt to Dinner topics or guides, and share your stories.

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