These printable Preserving Labels & Gift Tags can be printed on your home printer, using A4 paper or A4 cardstock (thin enough to go through your printer!) Click on the link below the set of labels, it will open in a screen that will offer you printing options (based on what you have set up on your own computer).

The round labels fit 60mm regular mouth Ball Mason style jars. Once printed, cut around the outside of the circles (the outer circle won’t show once in place, it is there as a guide for cutting). Place the label on the lid with the screw band/ ring loosely applied over it to hold it in place.

You may have read advice to not store your Ball Mason jars with their screw bands on many preserving websites, mainly said as it can ‘hide’ any lids that become unsealed during storage, or the lids may rust. However, the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving  (2006, p.418) states that after washing & drying the screw bands, ‘If desired, screw bands may be loosely reapplied to jars’.

After my processed jars have cooled (usually overnight) I remove the screw band and check the seals, check the lid & screw band are clean and dry, add a label and loosely put the screw band back on.

The labels can be used on any jars, as you could use double sided tape to stick them on reclaimed jars or Fowlers Vacola jars (but double sided tape is a pain to get off!) Or tie them on to the neck of a jar, using ribbon or twine. Decide whether to cut the outer circle/ rectangle guide off, or leave it on!

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