Hello. I’m Bec Pollock. I like thinking about dinner. Even at breakfast time.

I grow heirloom vegetables for the thrill of it. I love being out in the garden, hanging out with our chooks and bees. I get to be creative in the kitchen with baskets full of fresh, organic produce, making delicious meals, and natural products for my home and family.

Growing Home is my way to share my love of edible gardening, preserving and real food with you. My family and I have been living this ‘urban homesteading’ lifestyle since 2009. You can read more about our journey here (including the zombie prep). 

There are so many benefits for our family, not the least being affordable, chemical-free fresh vegetables, fruit, herbs, eggs and honey.

There have been lots of challenges over the years, though, including balancing life, family, work, and all the wonderful things that can sometimes drive you crazy. It can be tricky to get started, and to develop your edible garden. It took my family a lot of years, and argh! moments to get to where we are.

If you face lack of time, not enough resources or space, family who are not so supportive, then I know all about it. 

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I remember feeling overwhelmed by too much information, and didn’t know where to start. If you are feeling the same way, I get it. I have been there! (Some days I’m still there!)

Even now that we have set up our garden, things need maintenance, they evolve, and we face challenges every season… some new, some are the same old issues! Don’t think that I have the perfect urban homestead going on, I’m still scratching my head and Googling the latest weird bug on my cucumbers!

Between troubleshooting naughty pests and disease dilemmas, harnessing the perfect growing conditions, planting in the right season & climate, or encouraging our chooks to start laying again, it can be tricky work. It isn’t always easy, but it is do-able… and it is worth it. Let me show you how! I’m itching to help you, that’s why I set up a private group for people like you and me.

Every vegetable, herb or fruit you pick, or egg you collect, is a mini miracle, honestly, it’s a wonderous thing… you want to make the most of your harvests. Let’s not waste anything!

Let me show you how to make the most of every pumpkin seed, mandarin peel, egg shell or sprig of rosemary. Let us embrace every abundance or glut that faces us down. We can preserve it, use it in homemade cleaners, whip up bath and beauty goodies with it, and enrich your home with it.

I love playing alchemist, turning everyday items into indulgent, but practical (and simple), ways to enhance my home, care for my family, and treat myself.

My number one thing, though, is growing and making real food… making healthy, delicious family meals, trying to squeeze as many veges and superfoods into each meal, each snack, each lunch box or picnic basket.

And by superfoods, I don’t mean ingredients you have to climb the Himalayas for, or track down via some dodgy looking Facebook group! I mean good stuff we can make using our lovely home grown produce, or goodies from the farmers market. Basic items that can actually be found in a supermarket or easily accessible from an online site, which are affordable, and don’t need a degree in real food trickery to be able to cook with them!

Let’s have a hands up from those who have a hungry tribe to feed. It’s never ending, right, they seem to want to be fed, like, every day! So, maybe you need some help meal planning, saving time in the kitchen, using up leftovers, ‘cook once, serve twice’ recipes, or a recipe to hide those green vegetables. (What zucchini?! None in this brownie, kids!)

Growing, raising, cooking and preserving an abundance of fresh food has been my passion for many years, and I want it to be yours too.

What I want is for your family and home life to be less processed, more productive, and full of joyous abundance. We can do more with less, taking back control of an unbalanced life, squeezing in goodness where we can (putty those cracks up with it!) We can start where we are, use what we have, and do what we can.

Are you with me? Let’s do this…

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To me, real food is less processed, less nasty chemicals, more nutrient dense, AND whatever foods you can happily digest & nourish yourself with. My family took quite the journey to get to that food philosophy though…


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