Growing Home supports you to create an edible garden, and learn how to grow, raise, cook and preserve your own fresh produce.

You want to have affordable, good quality, chemical-free produce, and know what is in the food you feed to your family. You want to eat food that tastes like real food. You want to get your family outside, in the fresh air, connecting with nature (instead of the wifi)! You want to show your kids where their food comes from.

Let me show you how to set up a simple edible garden that suits your space and needs. Or help you design and plan your own urban homestead, with chickens, bees, fruit trees, the works (sign up to get your free 40 page Guide packed full of advice)!

Maybe you already grow and raise some of your own food, and with a hungry tribe to feed, you need convenient, family friendly recipes and solutions to use your harvests. Perhaps you need some help meal planning, using up leftovers, or a recipe to use up a wheelbarrows worth of zucchini. It doesn’t have to be a chore to feed them good food!

Let me inspire you to make the most of your home grown and locally sourced ingredients, taking it from dirt to dinner, to make meals, to preserve with, to enhance your home, and nourish yourself. Your home grown produce can be more than just the ingredients in your next meal! You can get creative with your harvests.

When you are balancing life, family, work, general mayhem… it can be tricky to get started with creating, and then maintaining, your edible garden. It can be challenging to cook from the garden or make the most of your harvests. You might face lack of time, not enough resources or space, family or room mates who perhaps are not so supportive. I get it.

You need beginner’s guides, easy to understand advice, time-saving techniques, inspiring stories, and a supportive community to ask questions and share your journey with.

Growing Home will teach and inspire you to grow, raise, cook and preserve an abundance of fresh produce…

Sow some seeds, plant a fruit tree, visit a farmer’s market. Cook a meal with real food that was in the ground (or on a tree) not that long ago. Eat it with your loved ones. Eat kale, or don’t. Share your abundance.

Build your community, feed your tribe, connect with your neighbours. Give stuff away, swap some seeds, or jars of pickles. Leave a bag of zucchinis on your neighbour’s doorstep. Build an outdoor sink. Teach your kids how to care for chickens.

Declutter your house. Release stuff you don’t need. Give it away, recycle it. Ditch the toxins. Make your own toilet spray. Give handmade gifts. Eat homemade food. Have time for the important stuff. Feel the joy of picking your first tomato of the season!

Make the most of every part, peel to seed. Homemade cleaners, bath lotions, potions. Handmade gifts.

This is what my family and I have been doing for many years. Now I have taken all the lessons I have learnt, the knowledge I have gained, and the techniques I have developed, and put them in a format that you can absorb, and do it for yourself.

Whether you want to grow a few supplemental herbs and learn how to make the most of your seasonal market hauls. Or you want to build your edible garden with chickens, bees, a mini orchard, and learn skills like composting, preserving and seasonal meal planning.

I can help you and your family grow your garden, and improve your home and lives! You can do more with less, taking back control of an unbalanced life. You can start where you are, using what you have. It’s time to find yourself in the dirt… and start living a life of abundance!


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